Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It was a typical Sunday morning hustle and bustle. Christian radio music coming from every speaker in the house, I had the kids ready for church, I had the blueberry muffins done, the dear hubby woken up to eat said muffins and take his whole 5 minutes to get ready. My family sat in the kitchen together eating and laughing, while I, now behind, scrambled to get ready.
I'm waiting

I'm waiting on You, Lord

And I am hopeful

I'm waiting on You, Lord

Though it is painful

But patiently, I will wait

Did I mention I was cranky? I was whining at God actually. Wondering why He put the desire in my heart to adopt and then at every corner tells me NO. Patience was wearing thin that week on that front.
I will move ahead, bold and confident

Takeing every step in obedience

While I'm waiting

I will serve You

While I'm waiting

I will worship

While I'm waiting

I will not faint

I'll be running the race

Even while I wait
We listened to your call Father, we went through the foster adoption route. We pray everytime we get a call. I am ready to stretch and grow and be uncomfortable for Your sake.
I'm waiting

I'm waiting on You, Lord

And I am peaceful

I'm waiting on You, Lord

Though it's not easy

But faithfully, I will wait

Yes, I will wait
I did have peace Lord, and then you shook that up this week. And placed a call so strongly in my heart that I thought I knew what your desire for me was! And you came in as clearly as could be and said NO! Why?! That hurt so much! (Let me say here that if you ever ask God to show you with complete clarity His desire for your path, beware, He WILL  show it and you have no choice but to follow- no arguing at that point)
I will serve You while I'm waiting

I will worship while I'm waiting

I will serve You while I'm waiting

I will worship while I'm waiting

I will serve you while I'm waiting

I will worship while I'm waiting on You, Lord
Yes Lord, You know that I am worshipping you. I am serving you. I have full trust in your plan, even when I don't understand it. But, my child, are you worshipping IN your waiting? Well, of course I am. .. well. No. I am whining.

After this morning that made me step back and take notice at HOW it is that I wait on Him, I read this passage in Sarah Young's Jesus Calling:

If you mouth the words "I trust you" while anxiously trying to make things go your way, your words ring hollow.  ouch.

Are you waiting on the Lord? Waiting for Him to make His way clear? Are you whining like I am so guilty of? Or are you worshipping in your waiting?

God is good, all the time.

* Words in green italics are from John Waller's While I'm Waiting*


Emily Ann Benedict said...

Oh, waiting is one of the hardest things in the world (I'm there right now too). Doesn't it seem like God brings us to the very edge before we find the place we were sure we always belonged?
Of coures I've found that if I just had everything I wanted imeadiately I would have missed out on a lot of good too. :)
Thanks for sharing. Great post!

Deborah Ann said...

I have 'Jesus Calling' too! I absolutely love it. In fact, I recently read that same passage, and mailed it to a friend who I knew would be blessed by it.

I seem to whine in the waiting too...need to change that to worship!

Bina said...

For sure I am worshipping while waiting... My relationship with Him has matured and grown and in that growth, there was a "change" that occured between very much needed but that leaves me unsure and journeying forward completely on the faith that I understand what it is that He is saying.

So I wait...for the sound of His voice, the pull of His will...and yet I can't help but cry at the beauty that is my Lord.

Beautiful, beautiful post my friend. I can't help but love you so!

destrella said...

Thank you for sharing your heart with us and your realness. :O)

Gabby said...

Sometimes waiting is so much more painful than knowing, but then again, I usually do not like a "no" when I wanted a "yes".

However, because you are seeking God in the answer, I am trusting that a "no" for now might be a huge "yes" to a bigger blessing in your life later.

I am not sure if that helps. I have been praying for a couple that is waiting on their second baby they are to adopt. She was born 8 days ago, and the 16 year old mother is deliberating whether she is going to change her mind about giving the baby up after they have paid over 25,000 dollars in medical and related expenses.
They were there and saw her after delivery, and in their hearts she is already theirs, but now they are just scared to death.
All that to say, I can not imagine your struggle.
There are so many difficult and glorious things about adoption. My mom was adopted, so I am so thankful for it myself!