Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The post that may just be the end of me...

The following is not for the've been warned!

I was going about my Tuesday in a rather mundane sort of way. I dropped the kids off at VBS, ran errands, picked them up again - okay, a few cups of coffee and computer time before the errands- lunch, weeded massive amounts out of the garden that is patiently waiting to get started (other than what came up from the previous owners), and wishing I could either go shopping or take a nap. All throughout the day I pondered what my Wednesday post would be. I thought that my life was boring or my thinking one wayed because I just wasn't feeling creative.

And as I am telling this to my dear hubby and he tells me that there is always excitement out here on the acreage, we hear this crazy noise! He went to the side of the house where it was coming from and shouted to me to go shut off the air conditioner. I figured a stick fell into the fan and one more repair would need to be made on this 100 year old "charmer."

Then Steve came around with a crazy grin on his face and said "You don't even want to know what that was!"  Ugh. Then I knew. A snake.
In the air conditioner.

I grabbed my camera and snapped away...
From inside the house of course!

By this point I figured we were in the clear. The tail end was freed and he just had to get the other end out.

Ummmm.... wrong way.

At this point the brave Maicy and I who were watching from our perch inside started looking around for vents. To which my husband replies that I cleary have no clue how the a/c actually works. No, no I don't. Just tell me snakes won't be slithering through my house.

Enter brave men, pulling apart air conditioner. Did I mention that to get to the a/c in the first place they had to plow through weeds with a weedeater? This is the wooded side of the house which has had no attention. You can bet that Steve will be clearing this out soon.

You can't see it great here, but Steve has it now in the fireplace tongs.
Oddly he didn't first hold it up for a picture. Huh.

For those who believe in letting the serpent go- turn away. He's not getting back in my airconditioner!

Oh yes, Maicy was brave enough to put on her boots and join the snake hunters. Notice her lovies laying on the floor which she was clinging to throughout the entire ordeal.

Then her brother fell backwards off the retaining wall that led to the woods, and well, I told her she should just stay put. Don't worry, Jackson is fine, just scared the wits out of all of us!

Yes, I could have taken the time to get a clear picture, but as much as I love and trust my husband, I didn't. And at that point I was outside. ( the snake is actually dead here, lest you think me brave.) I snapped and ran.
And thanked him for the blog post.

After watching this serpent trying to do everything in its power to enter my home, the devil taking on the serpent is just more frightening. I hate snakes anyway. The devil as this creepy thing trying to contort his body to enter into places where he doesn't belong.... *shudder* I can barely handle the thought. I just pray that together we work as hard as we did to keep this snake out of our home keeping the real serpent out.

2 Corinthians 11:3

But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent's cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ.

So, if you're still here, thanks for barreling through!
Are you deathly afraid of snakes?
What is it about snakes that slither that frighten us?
Does the serpent try to find your weak spots and enter in?


Diane said...

Eeeeeek! Ask and you shall receive. You wanted an exciting blog post and you got one! :O)

Sara said...

Snakes, spiders and bats...Oh MY! Let me just say that you were braver than I would have been just by being close enough to the situation to take pics! Ugh!!

Bina said...

Great analogy with this!

I am not deathly afraid of them...however I am not out looking to make friends with them any time soon. I have an issue with spiders, myself...and it seems that we are in the seson for large, hair, black, thick, gross...spiders. Sorry...threw up a little in my mouth.


Cristi said...

I detest snakes, they scare me but I have been close enough to touch one but was shaking like crazy!!! What a great reminder of how the devil trys to snake, HEHEHE his way into our lives!

DORCAS said...

Oh! I hate snakes. Last year they would come up to the deck to sun bathe! EEK! Hope there isn't anymore creeping around there.



Lynda Young said...

I'm sorry, but I had a bit of a chuckle as I read through your post. I don't mind snakes -- as long as they are behind glass, or in the wild or somewhere other than my home. Great connection to scripture too :)

Cherie Hill said...

What a GREAT post sister!!! Sounds like it was quite an ordeal! AND I absolutely HATE snakes...especially when they are near my habitat! They're fine as long as they stay well in their own! Praying you have a blessed week and weekend! Wonder what you'll blog about next? LOL.
With joy,

~mel said...

Oh yuck! I cannot stand snakes and the thought of having one in the air conditioner would just freak me out. You should visit my sisters blog and see her post about the snakes she had in her herb garden. EWWWW... they just give me the willies. Thanks for sharing though!

Rachel said...

Oddly, I like snakes. I find them exhilarating - I guess I'm a little scared of them, but in a roller-coaster kind of way. I used to love to play with them, but since I'm pregnant, I'll refrain for a while. :)