Friday, June 11, 2010

Recipe for a happy summer

I know its cheesey. Bear with me. Or is it 'bare' with me? Bear, right?! Oh, who cares. Onto my "recipe"

1 part water

2 parts mud
(cheesey face optional, but preferred)

One teeny tiny frog

2 kids (add less or more to your preference)

Stir together

Results: Bliss


Diane said...

Reminds me of my kids. They really do love each other and that is wonderful! :O)

Marissa said...

LOVE those photos...they can find the smallest things to entertain themselves...gotta love how a childn's mind works :) Love that post!

Bina said...

Oh no... the cheesy face is a MUST-have!!!

Made me smile to myself, you (or they) did!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post Alicia. I preferred this one over the snake one. I chased one of those slithery things last week on my mower. But after a while, it put its head up and "looked" at me. Yes, I screamed and the neighbor came to my rescue and placed it in his yard cause he thought it was "cute". Not the word I would have used. I love that you are experiencing the "farm" life! :) Missed your kids at VBS this week! Tara

Karen said...

Hi, Alicia, just hopped over from Twillipop. Love this post. Your kiddos are darling. And yes, I did enjoy. Too cute, a frog house. :)

Jennifer said...

What a cute post! My sister and I had the best times playing in the mud... great memories!! :)

Laura said...

It's so incredibly TRUE, though. The simple things bring bliss! If we could only remember that. Thanks!

Rachel said...

Love it!! Not cheesy at all! :)

Cristi said...

Love the pictures, how cute are they!!