Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still Kickin'!!

Its been almost a week?! Really?
How did that happen?!
Sorry to have dropped off the face of blog world! What's that? Oh--- you didn't notice. Okay, well, if you did, sorry. I haven't posted and haven't exactly been visiting anyone else either. So I miss catching up with all of you!!

First things first. Jury Duty.
According to your comments, pretty much none of you have served. So, I am here to tell ya 'bout it so that when your turn comes, you will know what's coming. Or not. They are all different.

My Wednesday started by walking into a very impressive looking building with polished marble floors- loosely translated, watch the corners in your cute kitten heels- you may be sliding instead of gracefully walking. Not that I would do that. Nope.  I followed the signs up to the room marked for us. I didn't know if I was to check in, wait, what? It was dead. silent. still. So I asked. Annoyingly someone told me to just sit. Okay, I'll sit. Had it been a more predictable crowd I may have asked if this were the jury room or the funeral home. But I bit my cheek. In silence. Seriously. So quiet. It was like we were all being taken to the gas chamber next.

Relief came when we entered the court room and the judge cracked the joke instead. ;) I liked him instantly!!

I survived the selection process. By not speaking. That's my way of survival that's for sure!!
Thursday morning 13 of us showed up for the trial. Somehow the day went fast and it was very interesting. Then it was done.
Friday morning we listened to closing arguments. Deliberated. Verdict. Done. Before noon.
Painless. Kinda fun. Very interesting. I recommend every one try it. That's what the judge told us to say- tell everyone it was good. And we did all agree. Our attitudes had changed 180 degrees by the time we were done. By noon you really couldn't keep us quiet and everyone cracked jokes. 13 strangers brought together for a brief moment. Deciding one man's future. The judge said find 5 people and tell them. So, I'm finding a few more and telling you all- jury duty is a positive experience. Especially once you get your families schedules figured out.

Okay, I realize there wasn't much here today, but just had to let you know I'm still here and will be back again. Soon!!!

Today's question- What did you do for your 3 day weekend?! Can't wait to hear! I hope its better than mine with the stomach flu!!


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

We were fishing and chillin' in Minnesota. So, so relaxing. Now, we're in full VBS-planning mode. VBS starts Monday night!

Sara said...

I will confess that I have avoided jury duty like the plague.. I think you have really turned me around on it, though!!
My big run-on BBQ at my mom's pool..I know sooooo rough, but hubby and I toughed it out. For the sake of the kids, you understand... :-D

Diane said...

Sounds like you had an easy case. Glad it was a positive experience for you. :O)

BTW missed you!

DORCAS said...

I had to fill out jury paper a few months back but haven't heard anything. Atleast now if I do get called I won't have these "Oh, NO!" thoughts.

Well this weekend. We just hung out with family. Kids played in water. Just relaxing!!!



Bina said...

Well you know that I missed you cuz who else would make fun of me as you do...and live?? :o)

I had the best weekend...just stayed home with the family, enjoyed our pool, took in a "stray" daughter for two of the days and lived life. Kicked back...relaxed...nowhere to be and nothing to do. Need that every once and awhile!

Glad you had fun...always wanted to do it but never have :o(

Raising a white Skittle in your honor,

Jennifer Juniper said...

I was called for jury duty once, but my kids were very young and I don't have any family to help me with them. I wrote a letter explaining my situation and said I could serve once the kids were in school and they let me off the hook!

That's really my only fear with jury duty, childcare!

Kim said...

Friday watched a funny Christian comedian... Ken Davis and his DVD Under His Influence... Saturday the SC Aquarium! and a nice late lunch early dinner... Saturday night watched the 3 hr Netflix movie In the Beginning.. Sunday, church of course and a bucket of balls at the driving range, my poor boyfriend is trying to teach me how to swing a club, then just some chillaxing.... I really like 3 day weekends!