Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Twelve and a half years ago, I was 18 years old.(really?!)  I began my first day of beauty school. I was the first person in my class to complete my 2300 hours and walked out of there one March day. The next day I began my first job. I was at that job for 2 years until my son surprised me by coming 11 weeks early. I took an undetermined time off of working. That was January of 2001. In May of 2001 I knew it was time to head back to the work world. I wanted to feel the hair in my hands again and meet new friends. So I went to work at Shear Advantage. My schedule has changed as my family has needed it to. In the last few years I have mostly worked just a day or two a week, plus Saturdays.  It was a great out for me. I was able to still do what I love and spend time with my growing kids.

Now both of my kids are in school full time. I began thinking of adding to my work schedule. Filling in my days.  But here's the deal- sick kid? Uh. Have to change appointments or call Grandma. Kids have a program? Well- I guess I could re-arrange...How late are you open? Well, I need to put my kids to bed- my husband is working out of state and well.. ugh.
This way.
That way.
I have been pulled in so many different directions in the past few years, it was time to make the decision. So, I prayed, and asked others to pray for me. And the end result was God showing me most definitely that my place is not at the salon. I need to take care of my family. I want to be able to be at school for field trips, class parties, lunches, and especially when they are sick. Here's the deal with hairdressers- we don't get to work 9-5 and call it a day. We need to work around everyone else's schedule and how dare we not be available when that client wants us?! ( If you are one of my customers, trust me, you aren't one of "those"! You wouldn't be reading this if you were! )

I know that the working mom vs stay at home mom debate is a heated one. I'm not here to get into that. And honestly I am not "for" either one. I am for whatever each individual feels called by God to be doing. Some women are the best most amazing working moms that I could ever meet! And their jobs allow them to be great moms while being great employees. That's clearly right for them and that's great!And I know that while my kids were little and home all the time that I couldn't have handled every. single. day. home with them. Working was my out. My time to have grown up talk and just get my self worth filled up for the week. Many moms are far better at that stage than I was! And for some its simply a matter of finances. I am fortunate enough that that wasn't why I worked. My piddly days on the schedule certainly didn't pay the bills more than my own mad money.

So, here I am. Age 30. Retired.
Now what?!

 I don't think I look old enough to be retired... well...nevermind, don't go there!

I realize that I have now written a lot and still don't seem to have a definite point.
Huh. Ya win some ya lose some.
Sometimes I just talk.
Ya'll have a great day!


Cherie Hill said...

Sister...the only thing that matters is GOD'S WILL for your life...often times it's not what we anticipate it is. MOST of the time it involves "giving up" something or letting something go. But, His ways are ALWAYS best...He knows what He's doing...even when we don't. LOL. Praying that He gives you peace in whatever He calls you to do on a daily basis...may your days be in His hands...that's the BEST place to be!
Love to you!

Diane said...

You look great, healthy, happy and content. Stay in God's will and do not be pressured by anyone to do what is expected. Hugs :O)

Marissa said...

Do what YOU need to do, that's all that matters! I was a teacher and felt pulled in many directions while working full time and being a Mother, I currently stay at home but many times wonder if this is what I should be doing. But as you said, I want to BE THERE for my children in every way possible, and for our family right now, that means me being at home, taking care of the kids, house and my husband! When I worked full time, I didn't feel as though I was 100%$ there for them and that's not what I want out of life...good post!

Karen said...

You look great and young! Just enjoy yourself. Blessings**

Gabby said...

Oh friend! You do not know how much I can relate! I work twenty hours a week (all while they are in school) and get a "day off", paid vacation for school trips, etc. BUT summer is a different story. I HATE working in the summer, because I work around their camps and practices, and it just seems like summer is not the relaxing fun that it used to be. Sniff. Sniff.
I feel so blessed to have a great job in a career I absolutely adore, BUT sometimes I long for the days when I could just BE with my kids in summer.
I know that you will enjoy your time off, and not having a hubby in state full time would definitely make it hard, so enjoy! I am with you, I think each person makes their own decision, and that is that! No work leaves me cranky. Of course, sometimes work leaves me cranky. So there!

Jennifer said...

So happy that God showed you definitely where your place was... that's awesome! I love your picture here... you are SO pretty!:)

Bina said...

First of all...happy retirement! I got to do that almost 7 years ago (WOW - time flies...) and I haven't looked back. While there are days when you will think "why aren't I gone, working, where people are talking on an adult level???"...the rewards are kids who know their mom is there whenever they need you. Great, great gift to give them!

Second...I am SO glad I am not the only one telling you how pretty you are!! (LOVE the tshirt you are wearing...ahem)

I love you and SO happy for you on this amazing gift from God!!

alicia said...

Thanks for all the support ladies!! It really means so much to me!!

DORCAS said...

That's awesome! God leads you the right path! And retired at 30 in no big deal! You look FABULOUS!!!



Rachel said...

I agree with your point of view - we all have to do what is best for our family and what God has led us to. I'm glad you got peace about what you're supposed to do from here on out!!