Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We interrupt this regularly scheduled inspirational blog for a rant about TV cable

Okay, first off, stop laughing that I used the word "inspirational" to describe my blog. Yes, okay, a chuckle, but really, pick yourself up off the floor. Thank you.

I would like to say that in reality I don't spend a ton of time watching TV. And there are very few shows that I get to watch enough to be hooked on them. After supper the whole homework, backpack packing, baths, bedtime, etc kind of gets in the way. So the TV won't come on before 9:00 during the school year. And in the summer we're to busy outside to care. Except of course with Wipeout as the exception to that rule. Because, really whats not to love about a bunch of people in spandex and life jackets getting punched in the face and flying mercilessly off of giant red balls into a vat of mud?!

But I need to admit that I do have a guilty TV watching pleasure. The Real Housewives. I don't care if its New York, Atlanta, OC, New Jersey (totally my favorite one!) I watch them all. And DC starts soon. I have missed most of the summer season of New Jersey which is breaking my heart, but thank goodness for TV online, due to not having cable on our acreage.

Where the problem comes in is, I am home again. Ready to catch up. Check out all the crazy drama that's been going on and will start again. Last week I flipped through the channels to find my loyal Bravo station.... I couldn't find it. Premier Cable changed our lineup. Well, surely its in here somewhere, so like any desperate sensible woman, I flipped feverishly trying to find Bravo- my other show I love, Top Chef. Two shows people, that's all I need to watch in my life. I finally give up and look up online to see where they could have tucked that beloved channel of mine.

They didn't.

It's gone.

Not completely.

They moved it up to the next bracket. Because I don't give them enough of my money already, if I want that ONE stinking channel, I have to get 50 more worthless channels. For a dandy price increase.

How can you do this to me Premier?! What does Premier even mean?! Premier at frustrating housewives? Premier at disappointing innocent people? Premier at taking more of my money? This may be the end of our relationship, Cable. Its been a nice run.

That is all. I thank you for listening to this very shallow rant about a show that I am sure I have no business watching. I realize I lost many of you back at inspiring. If you're still here, you're good people. Will you send me a copy of this season?


Marissa said...

gotta love the cable companies trying to take MORE money from their customers...right? It's probably because Bravo has become such a hit, they know all of us MOmma's out there will pay for it! SORRY :( On the other note: I love housewives of Jersey too! My favorite one, hands down! I can't get enough of it!!

Kim said...

I watch very little TV... not even the news... if its on, it is mainly for background noise and its usually the TV guide channel... but do away with cable all together I say... many many shows online now days..

I think, and I'm no techie.. you can probably get some cables that hook your computer into your tv??? so you don't have to watch your shows on a small computer screen.

My roommates are hooked on NJ housewives ;o)I try not to watch so as to not get drawn in..

Graceful said...

I agree with your rant -- the cable companies, DISH, all of them...such a racket! I just switched to Dish (simply to save money by "bundling" my services), and then realized, once I'd chosen the low-level package, that it didn't include the Golf Channel. My husband is bummed!!

Diane said...

See how they play that game with you.... the man is after your money again! :O)

DORCAS said...

HA! HA! You're so funny. That does stinks. I can try and tape it or ya;)



Andrea said...


Deborah Ann said...

"A shallow rant about a show that I am sure I have no business watching." Ha! That's hilarious!

I know what you mean. I have a few favorites, and boy do you ever have to pay through the nose in order to see them!

You're so funny, girl...

Karen said...

Alicia, you are too funny! We all have shows that we like that way. But bummer, that it's not on your plan. :(

Bina said...

Is it sad that I knew what you were gonna rant about before the blog even loaded?? Just the title - that was all I needed.

If it helps, the DC show is just stupid. hee hee Want another sound-byte via text????

BUT...because I love you...I will take you you on a road-trip in the OC, baby!


Bobbi said...

Have a great weekend!

Critty said...

Popping over from An's Caffeinated Randomness....

That is so not cool! I hate when cable and satellite companies do that. Like we don't give them enough money. We recently switched to cable with the company that supplies our phone and internet service and ended up saving money. I still could not believe for every channel you like there are 10 you don't.

I have a few guilty pleasure television shows too :)

Andrea said...

I remember awhile back I had the kids and me hooked on Brady Bunch all summer on one of our specialty channels. And then the fall line-up came and they axed it. I was so mad, I emailed them. Now we own the first two seasons and the kids are begging me to go buy the rest already. I feel your pain. ;)

Jen said...

Really -- hilarious. I'm really sorry, though, that you lost your show. I know what it means to be hooked. I was crushed when NBC was originally not going to renew Friday Night Lights!

Studio JRU said...

I have some good news for you... I just looked for it and you can watch the Real Housewives here
I am not sure if they have them all, but it looked like they at least have some of them!! You can watch full episodes of so many channels online now. So you don't have to have the darn expensive cable channels! Happy viewing!


Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Aye, aye, aye...Bummer! I hear you - I don't watch TV at all but if I did, I would certainly be annoyed if I had to pay a price increase just to watch one show. So sorry!

Have a great weekend, Alicia!