Monday, August 30, 2010


You may remember a few weeks back I told you how Miss Maicy really wants a dog. And how I support her in that goal. And how we said JOKINGLY that if anything should happen to our "beloved" kitty Q-tip, my husband said he'd think about replacing her with a dog.
Well, Q was injured somehow and well, she didn't make it. Now, I know some of you may remember that I made some threats jokes about how to get rid of the Q-meister to gain a canine, but I assure you, despite my jokes, I was probably the saddest. Although Maicy wailed louder.

Anyway, I missed having something run up and greet me when I went outside or drove up the driveway.

Enter in the neighbor veterinarian. And our new houseguests.

Meet Tom:

And Jerry:

What's that? Oh, I realize they don't look like dogs. That's because they aren't.
Guess I have a little further to go before we win that arguement.

In the meantime, these little mousers (I pray) will pass the time.

(He likes my toes...)

And really, I'm having a hard time not liking these little pests... er cuties.
Just look at those eyes...

Now if you'll excuse me... I need to take another dose of Claritin.


Marissa said...

cute new family members :) Ha, claritin? My husband is the SAME way with cats...makes him so sick just being near them!

Diane said...

Love the names. My daughter is allergic to cats so ours is an outdoor cat only.... which reminds me I haven't seen her in a couple of weeks......hmmm.

Bina said...

My nose itches just looking at their sweet faces, but I pray that little Tom and Jerry will be an excellent addition to your days!!! They look sooo adorable!! ...pass me a Claritin??

Melinda said...

They look adorable, Alicia ... and I don't even like cats! (Sorry!) I'm more of a dog person. But since my son is allergic to both, we've settled for fish. Which usually die quickly in our house. So maybe it's fortunate for some canine that my son is allergic!

Congrats on your new pets! And sorry about the kitty you lost. I know that pets do become like part of the family.

Karen said...

They are cute, but I'm with you-do you have another Claritin? :)

Anonymous said...

They are so sweet!
I couldn't have resisted.
(but I am working on it)