Monday, November 15, 2010

Today's Topic:Waiting

I feel like a broken record. I look back and see that I have had plenty of posts on WAITING and here I am again.

Last week you all were so very passionate about the Bible Study topic I shared and let me tell you, us study leaders get pretty excited to see such passion surrounding the Word. So, if you all will continue to participate, we will continue to ask.  Let me first introduce you to our study set up. This year when talking about a new plan we discussed the typical studies- Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Dave Ramsey, Ray VanderLaan, and more. But. We always listen to these AMAZING leaders- please don't get me wrong, we have only the utmost of respect for these awesome speakers/writers- however, we just take what they say and go "okay, well this is what so and so says, so this is what I should do". But God doesn't call us to just take someone's word for it. He wants us to write the Word upon our own hearts. And the only way to do that is by searching and pulling it all apart for yourself. Yes, guides and commentaries are great tools, and we encourage those as well.  However, those are man written, we want to rely on the God written Word.

So, this year, we asked something a little different, a little bit scary, and entered into unknown terrritory of our ladies Bible study group. Each meeting we brainstorm to come up with a topic, and then in two weeks we use all resources available to us to search the Word of God. To find all that He has to say on those topics. To see it for our own eyes, read it in context, and get the full picture. Do we always agree with each other's interpretations? No. But it prompts discussion, it makes us all think, and we are all in it together.

Make sense? So, this weeks topic is Waiting on God.  I'm not going to lie, my first response was "crap" when I knew that's what we decided on. But I know that God wants me to GET IT. So, I am working on it.

Instead of giving you what I've found just yet, I want to hear from YOU! You are all so brilliant and genuine and real, that I want your thoughts. (yes, this post is me NOT talking- why do you ask... *ahem*)

Waiting on God- Are we simply called to wait? Is God calling us to act while we wait?
Do you have a particular issue you are waiting to hear God’s answer to? Is His answer wait? Is the answer No? How do you wait on God through the tough times. What scripture encourages you to wait on Him and His timing?
So, share your thoughts... I'd LOVE to hear! And if some of you answer questions with questions, that's great too! (you know who you are...) We want questions, we want to think, we want to be challenged!

Okay, I promise that's all. I do want to leave you a link to Michelle's blog from last week- she spoke of waiting in a different way. Check that out if you'd like!

Now, share your wisdom dear readers!!!


Jeanette Levellie said...

Oh, dear. This is a challenge to my spunky personality, but I am learning as I grow older to wait with more grace.

What I wrestle with is when someone is suffering, and I want them rescued NOW, and they aren't. I'd rather take their place than to wait for their deliverance.

I love the hope in the Psalms, and one in James that talks about farmers waiting in patience for their crops.

Great post!

Diane said...

Tricky one that no one seems to have mastered. How do we know when to hands off wait and how do we know when to "do our part?" I've got nothing but will be curious to see what you learn. :O)

Amy Sullivan said...

My must-do, must-be, must-produce attitude makes waiting difficult. When faced with a big decision, I pray and take small steps. Maybe that's wrong. ??? I don't always think we will get an answer. I think God can use us in many paths that we choose.

Again, maybe just my out because I don't like to wait :)

Laura said...

Oh, I'm waiting -- on an answer for one of my sons and for an answer for my hubby and me. The anticipation is killing me!

How do I wait? Not easily...but I keep saying, "He knows better than I do, He knows better than I do." That's my waiting mantra.

And yes, I take action while I wait. I do what I can and leave the rest to Him. (Or at least I try!)