Sunday, October 18, 2009

Angel Tree Needs HELP!

Okay, So I don't normally. or ever. post twice in one day, and don't expect it to happen again. However, this is super important and time sensitive. I am offering you the opportunity to share and spread the love of Christ Jesus. Angel Tree is a division of Prison Fellowship and they work with churches to buy gifts for kids who have one or both parents in prison at Christmastime. I have been coordinating Angel Tree at our church for probably 5 years now. It is a lot of work for just a few weeks, and the rewards, always make it so worth it in the end. Sadly right now they are in need of 2000 MORE CHURCHES to register in order to fill all of the requests. Here are a few things you should know to help you decide if you would be willing to help out:
  1. The church doesn't pay for anything out of its budget.
  2. You are able to choose how many kids you want to help
  3. Each child receives 2 gifts: one clothing, one toy
  4. Each gift has a max $20 limit
  5. The person taking care of this child/ren receive a gift of groceries- 1 per family
  6. Members of the congregation purchase the gifts and return to church
  7. you can either deliver gifts to their door, or host an Angel Tree Party at your church to distribute the gifts and spread the gospel story.

Please remember that these children have done nothing to deserve a parent in prison. Also keep in mind that none of us are more than 1 bad choice from being in the exact position that these parents are in. If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section, or to email me from at

Did I mention that they need them registered by October 23?! Click here to register or to learn more about Angel Tree.

Even if you can't register this year, consider for next year, and join me in praying for this amazing ministry. ( I will try to find my "thank you letters" from both care-givers, and prisoners and share those with you this week)


Bina said...

Sent an email with the link to our pastor...once I hear from him, I may have more questions...

Thanks for sharing their needs and know that, if nothing else, I am praying...

alicia said...

Bless you Bina! Thanks for doing both!

Kim said...

Alicia... right now we are still looking for a church home in our new area... BUT with your permission... I'd like to re-post this in my blog with your link... and I'd like to post it on my facebook page, again with a link back to your blog.. and thirdly... a good friend of mine in IL would probably find this as something she could bring to her church may I copy and paste it to her??? I know time is of the essence here...

Kim *** and please by next year we will have found a church home so remind me and I will see if I can get something going at a church we will call home ***

Kim said...

mmm silly me you can email me at