Friday, October 23, 2009

So sick of myself right now~

Here was the challenge: come up with 50 things about yourself. Really? 50?? yikes. I struggled on Facebook when I had to come up with 25. But alas, I have plugged through and I am going to apologize now for the incredible boringness of this post.
  1. I love God (thought I would start with something ya'll didn't know.)
  2. I don't show it often enough
  3. I really do hate talking about myself - what better reason to start a blog right?
  4. I do love to talk (explains number 3)
  5. I married my highschool sweetheart- at age 17. yikes! (no, I wasn't pregnant, just in love)
  6. I love him more today than I did back then
  7. I can't sing to save my life... well, I can, and I do, but it ain't pretty
  8. I love to stay at home
  9. I also love to go out with my family
  10. and have lunch/coffee with friends.
  11. My life is a sea of constant contradictions
  12. I fear that by the time I am 70, I'll be that crazy cat lady who won't leave the house... only without the cats because well, cats are just dumb
  13. I strongly dislike cats... very strongly.
  14. I have 2 awesome kids
  15. I am a pack-rat, mostly because I don't know when to throw the papers away.
  16. really? this is only 16???
  17. my boy was 3lbs 6oz when he was born, now at age 8 he's over 90lbs. God is Good
  18. My daughter's prayers make me cry
  19. I am a big cry baby
  20. I am painfully shy
  21. I passed 19 and 20 onto my son, sorry kid
  22. I love games! Preferably board games or card games
  23. Perky people frighten me
  24. I believe sarcasm should be a font
  25. Instead of a circle of friends, I have satellites of friends. My closest friends don't know each other more than in passing
  26. I've never met one of my dearest confidants in real life... we met through me talking about me and her talking about her
  27. I hate laundry
  28. I love to cook
  29. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up
  30. I own wooden shoes
  31. I go to movies strictly for the popcorn
  32. I believe that Kim is the cause of Kim's problems... not Sheree. (that's right, B)
  33. I had a hysterectomy at age 28
  34. I still want more kids
  35. I am addicted to playing Brickbreaker on my phone anytime I have a spare minute
  36. I want to be a contestant on Amazing Race... who's coming with?!
  37. I really am not exciting enough for 50 things
  38. I am a hair stylist... at least 2 days a week anyway
  39. I love thunderstorms
  40. But I am deathly afraid of tornadoes (I built my house so that I would have a place to go sleep with my kids if ever there is going to be tornadoes.)
  41. Blizzards are the coolest thing ever (and I don't mean DQ)
  42. I love to go fly places
  43. I hate to get on a plane and actually fly
  44. I told you I was contradictory
  45. I would love to have a dog
  46. I prefer to use humor when I don't want you to see what's really going on
  47. My 6 year old daughter can crack eggs better than I can
  48. I am a sinner
  49. I am saved
  50. I am finished!!!

If you hung in there, I again, apologize, and thank you for that! Now, go find some caffeine to perk up your life, you're looking a bit sleepy, my friend!


Holly Dibbet said...

You are hilarious Alicia.. and I love you for it! Most of these items I knew already and before reading #40 I was arguing with #39 b/c of your fear of "bad storms", that will teach me to keep reading :)
Can't wait for our "date" tonight, it's been WAY too long.

alicia said...

Is it 5:00 yet?! I knew I couldn't say #39 without 40 because well, you would have called me on it... and several others that were contradictory! Next time I will have YOU write the 50 things for me!!

Bina @ Bina's Pad said...

Oh Alicia, you left me laughing so loud that I was thankful to have read this AFTER everyone was out of the house for the day.

I totally agree on numbers: 15, 23, 24 (which made me have to wipe my eyes from the tears....), 31 and 46. Oh, and after last night's episode...I have to change my answer and firmly agree about Kim...she needs a LOT of her, bless her little heart. :)

Thank you for posting...just makes me love you all the more!!

alicia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alicia said...

I had to remove that one because I misspelled one word, and now I am experiencing 15 typos per word! (yes, God, I know I should have been humble, not prideful, and just left it, thank you, point taken) Amen. Okay, ummm, I thought it would have been 26 to make you cry (cuz that really was intended for you!) And the fact that it was actually 24, well, God has a sense of humor and shows there is a friend out there for everyone! *Wig squeezin' your brain too tight, heffer?! Bless her heart.*

steph said...

Hey, those are great. I really relate to #12. I too am probably going to be all alone when a bunch of cats when I am old. That or dogs. Oh well, hopefully, they will notify somebody when I pass out. haha! Have a great day! Steph

alicia said...

Steph, go for dogs, they are much cooler than cats!!

And if anyone didn't watch RHoA last night, that whole wig comment earlier probably looks harsh, but I was just makin' fun of the show ~ Promise!!! (white out for computers would be handy!)