Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good Intentions

Know what this is? Let me tell ya...
This morning was goin' fine. I was ready for work, the kids had a ride to school, I had time for breakfast. So, since Biggest Loser was on last night and my motivation was fresh, (has nothing to do with the 25 outfit changes this morning declaring over and over that each one made me look fat! oh wait.. never mind ) I went for the Weight Control Oatmeal... I love that stuff! Really, it is good, especially the banana bread flavor... sadly all I had in the house was Cinnamon, but it would do. And then, as I walked with my bowl to get a napkin God said to me, "girl you are going to be humbled today;" I'm gonna what? ... *sigh*
Do you know what oatmeal resembles when you are cleaning it off the cupboard and floor? Ewww! Broken bowl. No breakfast. Burned fingers from oatmeal. And now have to clean the kitchen. Nice. Happy Wednesday to me.
The redeeming thing? This cleaner. Anytime I use this stuff I love the smell it leaves behind. Its fresh and clean smelling, and it seems to actually clean too!
Hope you all have a better Wednesday!!


Anonymous said...

You make me giggle. I love reading your blog!!

Bina @ Bina's Pad said...

I'm with the giggler made my heart light up with glee on an otherwise mind boggling day. Just remember...we laugh, not AT you but WITH you...but we WILL laugh even if you forget to :)

Kim said...

OH my... not the way to start a day necessarily... I did something similar a few months ago... but with a bottle of red wine vinegar... I THOUGHT I had placed it on the counter, but apparently, I was wrong. I had to call work to say I was going to be late (was running behind as it was) - so I laughed at myself (no since crying over spilled vinegar right) and proceeded to clean up the mess... OMGosh.. I came home from work that night and even after pinesol that A.M. my kitchen still reeked of vinegar. I still had a laugh at my own expense.. :o)