Sunday, October 18, 2009

Because my kids are just mean

My dear precious little children. I clothe them, feed them, take care of them when sick this week. And what do I get in return???? These, I believe are supposed to be snakes.... A snake and a spider web......
Oh goody, another snake and a giant spider...
Yes that's right, I knew my dear ones were playing way too quietly this evening as I slaved away over their supper. (okay, so it was frozen pizza, but still...) Everytime I walked near the toy room I would hear them say "Is she coming?!" "No, just walking past" "go find out where mom is now" "MOM? DON'T COME IN HERE PLEASE!" Well, I am no dummy, I didn't want to find out either so I obliged. Then they told me they were super spies as they made their way across the house to my bathroom. A little bit too much giggling going on to be really good spies, but hey, who was I to argue. Then, I fed the little monsters, I mean angels, their delicious and nutritious supper, and they forgot about their little prank. Until bedtime. My dear daughter started to whisper to her co-hort brother and then they both looked at me. Never a good sign. "So, Mom, have you gone into your bathroom?" "uh, no?" "lets go see your surprise!" Giggle, giggle, giggle.
Snakes, spiderwebs, and spiders all over, just for me. They know how much I love all of those things and just wanted to brighten my day. Aren't they precious?
Truly, they made me laugh quite hard, but don't tell them that!


Bina said...

Ok so I promise that I was laughing WITH you and not AT you just now!! That is great - am glad that you have the relationship with them that they know they can do this to you.

Remind me sometime to tell you the story of the plastic spider *sigh* I don't like them either...and my kids love me like yours love you.

I also give you kuddos for the great dinner! Mine just had Ravioli's..Chef Boyardee style. :)

Hugs my blogdie!!

alicia said...

Go ahead and laugh at me, I can take it.
I would like to correct a terrible mistake that I made, and inform you that those were indeed not snakes, but more spider webs. And now I am going to have my children tested....
Oh, and the genius plan was all my son's as he also informed that he had hoped to wait until his sister was in bed and hang a huge spider in her doorway so she would see it when she woke this morning. Sweet, huh? I just don't understand where they get it from!
(check your email)